Application Contacts

Some projects may have contacts within an organisation that have been designated to look after a group of applications or a single application in some capacity. For example, you may have IT, application owners, business owners, UAT testers etc designated against applications.

In MigrationStudio, you can assign contacts to a single or group of applications within your organisation. Please refer to this solution article on how to add application contact types. This article describes the steps to run a report that shows all the contacts assigned to a group of applications or a single application.

  • Switch to ‘AppTracker’ (1)
  • Click on ‘Select All’ (2) for all applications or manually select a subset of applications on the grid
  • Click on ‘Reports’ (3) -> ‘Application Contacts’ (4) 

  • This will give you a view like the one below displaying the contact for each application selected


  • You can filter against any of the columns using the funnel icon (1) – for example, filter by contact type
  • You could also pivot information by simply dragging the ‘Contact Type’ (2) column header to the green text that says, 'Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column'.  This will give you a view like the image below


  • Once, you have manipulated your data, you could export if required by using the export button at the top


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